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February 24, 2016

When Your Mortgage Term Matures, First Get a Second Opinion

Calling your Mortgage Broker when your mortgage is about to mature is akin to getting…
August 10, 2015

The Lower Bound for Interest Rates in Canada

How low can we go? While many believe interest rates in Canada just can't get…
July 19, 2015

On Buying and Financing a Vacation Home

Questions to ask before buying a vacation home……… Buying a home is a big step…
July 19, 2015

The rainy day debate: Contribute to your RRSP or pay…

A good article on an age-old question. Rob’ Carricks bottom line advice: RRSPs beat a…
July 19, 2015

Job creation is no longer the driving economic need it’s…

During this 2015 federal election we'll surely be told by the politicians seeking our votes…
July 19, 2015

Low interest rates – the new normal?

Are low interest rates the new normal?  Many are beginning to believe this is indeed…
July 19, 2015

It’s taxes versus a mortgage for the self-employed

Canada's government as been acting since 2009 to tighten mortgage lending requirements in their ongoing…
July 19, 2015

Understanding what drives Variable rates and Fixed rates

Your Variable Mortgage Rates are driven by your bank’s Prime Rate which is set individually…


  • "We found the service from Garth and his staff to be beyond exceptional."

    - Jim Osterreicher, 2015

  • "I recommend Garth's services, and refer him often."

    - Robert McLeod, Realtor and Managing Partner, McLeod Project Marketing, 2010

  • "What sets Garth apart from other brokers, is his involvement in your real estate deal."

    - Chris Pryce, Client , 2015

  • "I'm tough to impress having been a real estate lawyer for 35 years. I'm glad to say Garth has impressed me."

    - Barry McGuire, Ritchie Mill Law Office, 2016

  • "Garth's experience and expertise are second only to his integrity."

    - Jim Hassett, Partner, Hassett & Reid LLP, 2010

  • "You've made what has been a nightmare in the past a breeze."

    - Norman Glover, 2013

  • "Garth is not just another mortgage broker."

    - Tony La, Client, 2013

  • "Garth is an experienced knowledgeable kind person who cares for his clients and their overall well being."

    - Linda & Rod Nagata, 2015

  • "I appreciate the amount of time you spent analyzing my mountains of data."

    - Wade Fenner, Edmonton, 2015

  • "Garth is a trustworthy individual who can be relied upon."

    - Thomas Beyer, Properties Group, Majority Owner, President, CEO, 2010

  • "Garth's understanding of financing strategies is far away the most advanced I’ve ever met"

    - David Sanbrand, Client, 2015

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